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Siggno is probably the hottest band in Tejano music right now. They won Best Album at this year’s Tejano Music Awards for their most recent album, Lo Que Me Dejaste, and front man Jesse Turner took home back to back Best Male Vocalist honors in 2011 and 2012. AND his duet with Elida Reyna, “Juntos Hasta Morir,” earned him a share of Song of the Year and Best Vocal Duo as well. And the list goes on and on, including a Latin Grammy in 2008 for Best Norteño Album.

But Siggno’s not about awards. It’s about a hard-working group of guys who have paid their dues, love what they do, and have a great time making great music. It might seem that they came out of nowhere, but they’ve been at it for a very long time, with nine albums to their credit already. They jokingly refer to themselves as the “Motley Crue of Tejano music,” and defy traditional labels of Norteño, Tejano, and Conjunto by making (and writing and composing!) music from deep down in their souls.

Siggno was in Seguin, Texas, for a benefit for the Enriquez family, and graciously made some time to talk with us aboard their tour bus.  It was a rowdy interview with lots of laughs, and we had a lot of fun getting to know the guys, and learn about their careers, and their past, present and future. We even got a glimpse of their electrifying stage show and a personal preview of the latest installment of Siggno Adventures on YouTube - check these out, they’re absolutely hilarious.

Track Listing: 
Ojitos Verdes
El Coco Rayado
Trate de Olividarte (with Johnny Arreola of Los Palominos)
Ya No Me Importa
Linda Morenita
Esta Lloviendo
Piensa En MI
We'll See You When It's Time
Quisiera De Tenerte
Mi Ultima Carta
Yo Seguire (with Elida Reyna)

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