The Secret Life of Pets 2: Motion Picture Soundtrack

Various Artists
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Album Tracks: 
  1. It's Gonna Be a Lovely Day (The Secrect Life of Pets 2) -LunchMoney Lewis Featuring: Amine
  2. Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard -Jack Antonoff
  3. It's Snowtime Baby -Alexandre Desplat
  4. Max's Busy Bee -Alexandre Desplat
  5. Children's Heroes -Alexandre Desplat
  6. Road Trip -Alexandre Desplat
  7. Gidget's Dream -Alexandre Desplat
  8. Snowball's Workout -Alexandre Desplat
  9. Daisy's Story (Meet Sergei) -Alexandre Desplat
  10. The Farm -Alexandre Desplat
  11. Fireflies -Alexandre Desplat
  12. Cat Lessons -Alexandre Desplat
  13. Keeping Liam Safe -Alexandre Desplat
  14. Max's Terrors -Alexandre Desplat
  15. Sergei's Circus -Alexandre Desplat
  16. Gidget's Dream -Alexandre Desplat
  17. Snowball's Swirl -Alexandre Desplat
  18. Sergei -Alexandre Desplat
  19. Herding -Alexandre Desplat
  20. Wolves & DAisy -Alexandre Desplat
  21. Max Finds His Howl -Alexandre Desplat
  22. Inner Rooster -Alexandre Desplat
  23. Goodbye Farm -Alexandre Desplat
  24. Train Chase - -Alexandre Desplat
  25. Panda -Kevin Hart Featuring: Desiigner
  26. It's Gonna Be a Lovely Day (The Secret Life of Pets 2 (Latin Mix) -LunchMoney Lewis Featuring:: Ozuna
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