Harlem Nights: Motion Picture Soundtrack

Various Artists
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Album Tracks: 
  1. Harlem Nights (Main Title) -Herbie Hancock
  2. Young Quick With Cigs -Herbie Hancock
  3. Snaggletooth Gambles -Herbie Hancock
  4. Vera's Entrance and Quick Fight Vera & Limo and Ambulance Leave -Herbie Hancock
  5. 3M3 -Herbie Hancock
  6. Cantone Leaves Ray's -Herbie Hancock
  7. Cutting Tommy's Throat and Taking Tthe Bait -Herbie Hancock
  8. Quick Finds Dead Smalls and Quick Leaves Small's Apartment -Herbie Hancock
  9. Quick Leaves Calhoune's -Herbie Hancock
  10. Through The Glass Quickly -Herbie Hancock
  11. Quick Kills Arsenio -Herbie Hancock
  12. Dominique Seduces -Herbie Hancock
  13. Quick to Bed Quick To Rise -Herbie Hancock
  14. Dominique Nix -Herbie Hancock
  15. 9M1 -Herbie Hancock
  16. Calhoune's Threat and Ray Bails Out -Herbie Hancock
  17. Quick To Apologize -Herbie Hancock
  18. Exploding Pitty Pat's -Herbie Hancock
  19. Black Beauty -Herbie Hancock
  20. Making a Deposit -Herbie Hancock
  21. Put Down Your Gun and Safe at Last & Vera Warns Calhoune & Vera Goes Away -Herbie Hancock
  22. Ray's Not Home -Herbie Hancock
  23. It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) -Garnett Brown
  24. Sophisticated Lady -Garnett Brown
  25. Take The "a" Train -Garnett Brown
  26. Mood Indingo -Garnett Brown
  27. The Gal From Joe's -Garnett Brown
  28. Mamae, Eu Quero -Garnett Brown
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