The Cannonball Run: Motion Picture Soundtrack

Various Artists
Not For Sale
Album Tracks: 
  1. Cannonball Run -Ray Stevens
  2. Japanese Racecar Film Scene #1 -Jackie Chan & Michael Hui
  3. Here Come Da Sheik -Al Capps Featuring: Snuff Garrett
  4. Love Is on The Air -Lou Rawls
  5. Beauty’s Theme -John Durrill Featuring: Al Capps, Cliff Crofford, & Snuff Garrett
  6. If and When -Lou Rawls
  7. Moore on The Scene -Al Capps Featuring: Snuff Garrett
  8. The Cannonball Run -Chuck Mangione
  9. Japanese Racecar Film Scene #2 -Jackie Chan & Michael Hui
  10. Just For The Hell of It -Ray Stevens
  11. Hong King Kong -Al Capps, Snuff Garrett Featuring: Jackie Chan, Michael Hui & Johnny Yune
  12. T-T-Turn Left -Al Capp Featuring: Snuff Garrett & Mel Tillis
  13. Captain Chaos Strikes -Al Capps Featuring: Snuff Garrett
  14. You’ve Gotta Have a Dream -Al Capps Featuring: Snuff Garrett, Phyllis Molinary, & The California Children’s Chorus
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