Rancho Alegre News: Ruben, Guti and Alfonso at the Flamingo on Xmas – Para La Gente’s Still on the Air – New Blog Posts and Additions – Gift of Music

Happy Wednesday before Christmas from Rancho Alegre! There’s lots of stuff to talk about before the holiday, so let’s jump right in…

Saturday night at the Flamingo – Ruben, Alfonso and Augustin!

Rancho Alegre's Goal

First of all, Rancho Alegre Entertainment started Rancho Alegre Radio to preserve a lot of the old recordings that are no longer being produced, as well as to help promote new recordings that aren’t being played on the radio. Especially since we live in Austin, where Tejano radio stations are scarce and Conjunto stations are non-existent. More projects to come include Traders Village (in the final development phase), where you can trade music with no fees.

Rancho Alegre Spotlight: “She’s About a Mover” by Ruben Naranjo

Here at Rancho Alegre, we talk. A lot. Frequently we’ll have more than one topic going at once. During Saturday’s marathon discussion, Frank mentioned that Ruben Naranjo did a cover of She’s About a Mover. So when we got home, I listened to it. And I listened again. And again. It was mind-blowing.

Upcoming Shows, Weekend of 12/11 – Grupo Solido y Grupo Siggno, Conjunto Romo, Yayo Castillo, Los Texas Wranglers


We’ve got some good stuff coming up this weekend in the Austin Area! Play your cards right and you can see a show Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Friday Night – Tejano Ranch – Grupo Solido y Grupo Siggno
Start your weekend off with some Norteño at Tejano Ranch with Grupo Solido and Grupo Siggno. And…that’s all we’ve got for that one. Maybe it should be called Norteño Ranch tomorrow? You know, just sayin’…

Dance for Hope Benefit for Anna Sanchez – This Saturday, 12/11 – Flamingo Ballroom

Just wanted to let you all know about an upcoming benefit show this Saturday, December 11, at the Flamingo Ballroom. The event will feature performances by Yayo Castillo y Rumores, Max Castillo y Conjunto Lumbre, and Ryan Castillo. All proceeds support Anna Sanchez in her battle against cancer.

The Borders of Tejano, Conjunto and Norteño

Conjunto music at one time in the Southwest was king. It was the next phase after Mariachi and dominated the airwaves, especially in Texas. Then from Conjunto, Tejano music broke out and Conjunto was pushed to the side as Tejano, with its exciting horns and, later, synthesizers, ruled the airwaves. And all was good. But then, Norteño came into the picture, pretty much burying Tejano, as Tejano did Conjunto. It didn’t kill Tejano, but at the very least, it dominates the airwaves now.

Everyone knows this story, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

Rancho Alegre News – New Additions to Rancho Alegre Radio – Now over 1000 songs!

Hello everyone,

Rancho Alegre hopes that you all had a great Thanksgiving filled with music, joy, laughter and love. With a turkey leg in one hand, and an eye on the new CD’s we picked up from Turntable Records and our already extensive collection, we continued selecting new tracks for Rancho Alegre Radio. Can’t think of a better way to spend the day!

So, what did we add?

More shows! Michael Salgado, Augustin Ramirez, Joe Bravo and Elvira Sanchez

So I’ve learned about a couple more shows since I wrote the last blog post on Tuesday…

Thursday night at Club Rodeo in Austin – Michael Salgado
According to Club Carnaval on Facebook, Michael Salgado will be performing at Club Rodeo, 9515 N. Lamar on Thanksgiving night. He’s a Tejano artist who has been pulled into the Norteño scene and is popular with the Mexican audience. But make no mistake, he is Tejano and it’s nice to see him in town on a holiday.


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