Para La Gente 95.1Fm Austin,Tx.(WTF!)

ok raza,

so Austin went for a couple or 3 years without a tejano station, and the so called tejano coalition claims to have helped bring in "para la gente". problem is that para la gente is really not doing all it could to promote tejano music in Austin.

Austin sadly enough, has gotten the reputation of being a yuppie town, which is why we do not get alot of tejano bands touring here on a regular basis. the reason for this, is that para la gente is using a frequency, or the weakest frequency they own for tejano music. this means that on cloudy or rainy days you cannot pick it up anywhere in or around Austin.

plus we have the same dj's, like joe the kid, hectorini and andrew pulido and chris tristan who all were on-board when "club 92.5" went belly up. hectorini went on to help "la nueva 92.1" sink also.

i am not claiming to be the best dj ever, but anyone who claims to be into tejano music or radio for that matter, should know how to not only play the music, but educate and entertain at the same time.

i am convinced that "para la gente" is holding the tejano format until someone comes along and buys it to be another f-ing norteno station in Austin.

as for andrew pulido, his bright idea for the old "club 92.5" was to mix hip-hop and country music to the play list, giving the listener, a club feel....yeah that worked out.

hectorini's morning show on "la nueva" was done straight from the front page of the Austin American Statesman"....original.

hectorini's sunday afternoon program on "para la gente" smells something awful, it's called "latino memories" which would be fine if he played all classic tejano or even latin music, but the BeeGees? really?...i don't think so.

even chris tristan's morning show on "para la gente" is not a solid show, but the guy really tries. you can tell these are fellas that had no real training. i would recommend that they all go to San Antonio for two weeks, and listen to Johnny Ramirez in the morning show, on KXTN 107.5 Fm, as well as to Big Poppa and Lady Di, and that way they would have an idea on how to mix the classics as well as the latest in tejano music together.

also, Austin is full of tejano talent that does not get any or much air play. legends such as Augustin Ramirez, Johnny Degollado, Alfonso Ramos, Los Texas Wranglers, Los Pinkys.

so i ask you, what exactly is the tejano music coalition doing? not enough if you ask me

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