Rancho Alegre Interview - Rick De La Rosa


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Rick De La Rosa has conjunto running through his veins. The family name alone evokes the sights and sounds of his father Alfredo, his uncles Tony and Adan, and his aunt Eva, and their rich history building and dominating the conjunto scene for over fifty years.

Rick proudly carries on this tradition, with strong accordion and powerful vocals on all the recordings and performances with his own conjunto, Los “D” Boyz, which also features more members of the legendary family. We are very excited to welcome them to the Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival on Saturday Feb. 2.

We caught up with Rick on a trip to Corpus as Alfredo was gravely ill and his future was uncertain. A few months later, a kidney and liver transplant saved his life in the nick of time. He has had some complications, as can be expected, but is steadily improving.

Rick was extraordinarily gracious, as always, and gave us a great interview. We hope you enjoy learning about the recent Tejano ROOTS Hall of Famer and his career, and the legacy he honors every time he hits the stage and every time he picks up the accordion.

Track Listing: 
  1. Escuchame
  2. Dulce Amor
  3. El Pobre Bohemio – Eva De La Rosa
  4. De La Rosa Popurri Live
  5. Amigos Nada Mas
  6. El Celo Me Tortura – Tony y Adan De La Rosa
  7. Lo Que Paso Volo
  8. A Que Has Venido – Tony De La Rosa y Ruben Vela
  9. Un Recuerdo
  10. Voy A Tirarme A Los Vicios – Alfredo De La Rosa
  11. Desculpeme
  12. La Recien Casada – Los Hermanos De La Rosa
  13. Mis Juramentos
  14. Olivia
  15. Me Piden

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